Why living in the remote suburb could be your best bet?

Well you are finally ready to invest in your dream home .  Buying a home commands ample contemplation and decision-making as it is huge investment and for most people can not be remedied or redressed once taken.  In most of the developed world buying a home in the City is a rather unaffordable affair, not to … Continue reading Why living in the remote suburb could be your best bet?


Sea World at San Antonio

 TEXAS TUESDAY WITH KIDS It is fun to be here with your kids. Without an inch of doubt the reason to draw you to this park would be the famous Shamu the whale as the star performer. Located at 10500 Sea World Dr, San Antonio, Texas, 78251, this park at 250 acres is the   … Continue reading Sea World at San Antonio

Hermann Park, Houston and….

Texas Tuesday with kids #3 ...San Antonio River Walk The River Walk in San Antonio is a fun and enjoyable place for families as well. The river walk is only a storey below street level. It is the largest urban eco-restoration in the country. It is a 15 miles of paved pathways along the river … Continue reading Hermann Park, Houston and….

Fort Worth Zoo , USA

 TEXAS TUESDAY WITH KIDS #2 In those days my daughter was very fond of the T.V show Barney. That is how we learnt about the Zoo as one of its episode was shot there and being in Texas in those days we decided to pay a visit. Here is another blog telling about Barney's visit … Continue reading Fort Worth Zoo , USA

Space Centre Houston, Texas

   TEXAS TUESDAY WITH KIDS #1 Children and adult alike have always shown interest in learning about the space or Universe and its myriad possibilities. Being so its unpardonable if you are visiting Houston and do not pay a visit to the Space Center . Located at 1601 NASA Road 1, Houston, TX 77058, USA, the Space Center is … Continue reading Space Centre Houston, Texas

Join us in our Quest…

Well, we are about to embark on a Jungle Safari, our special ride is here, kindly step in :)... ...and don't forget to follow the instructions please..i hope we stay safe! Ready set go ! would you like to try some rope-climbing? not me I am good sitting here 😉 watching the lovely animals in … Continue reading Join us in our Quest…