The Melbourne Weather Paradox

Melbourne's weather is notorious for its unpredictability and their is a lot of noise in terms of how unpleasant it can get. When I first came to this city and began to familiarise myself with it, what made me a little perplexed was the way the weather changed every now and then. One moment you … Continue reading The Melbourne Weather Paradox

Why living in the remote suburb could be your best bet?

Well you are finally ready to invest in your dream home .  Buying a home commands ample contemplation and decision-making as it is huge investment and for most people can not be remedied or redressed once taken.  In most of the developed world buying a home in the City is a rather unaffordable affair, not to … Continue reading Why living in the remote suburb could be your best bet?

Space Centre Houston, Texas

   TEXAS TUESDAY WITH KIDS #1 Children and adult alike have always shown interest in learning about the space or Universe and its myriad possibilities. Being so its unpardonable if you are visiting Houston and do not pay a visit to the Space Center . Located at 1601 NASA Road 1, Houston, TX 77058, USA, the Space Center is … Continue reading Space Centre Houston, Texas