Baby’s Nutrition in the First Year

The nutrition of children in the initial years is a cause of disconcert for most new parents. As a new parent often we are perplexed about the introduction of food in the lives of our little one. However our instincts and knowledge undergoes improvement with time as we learn that with each child their is something … Continue reading Baby’s Nutrition in the First Year


Are you too harsh on your kids?

As a woman sometimes we do feel we have got the bigger brunt of the marriage. As it is some are performing a juggling act between work and home and vice versa. Often in our life we have a source of stress ... which could exist in the form of a deadline as in most … Continue reading Are you too harsh on your kids?

Promoting healthy eating habits in toddlers #1

  The Anatomy of the Fussy Eater I believe that parents need to make nutrition education a priority in their home environment. It’s crucial for good health and longevity to instill in your children sound eating habits from an early age.” — Cat Cora (American chef celebrity ) As parents we are the first educators and guides … Continue reading Promoting healthy eating habits in toddlers #1

Placing Round pegs in Square holes?

A Suitable Career "Do you listen to your children? I do not mean as in listening when they are talking to you. That of course is important. However , what I implied is do you closely observe the things which your child communicate about their likes their interests and their general and special aptitudes which they … Continue reading Placing Round pegs in Square holes?

As parents knowing what Truly Matters

The thoughts of a Expat Mum She was furiously washing the dishes. A thousand thoughts were running through her head , mentally planning out all the tasks that she had to accomplish before they arrived .  She had to spread the tablecloth on the table, set the table, put  some last minute seasoning in the curry, grill the chicken and bake the starters. … Continue reading As parents knowing what Truly Matters

Hard Floor Vs Carpet floor

You are planning to buy a new house but confused as to which type of floor to choose.-Hard floor or Carpet floor. For most people with kids it is easier to make a choice . A perfect flooring apart from lending aesthetic appeal, providing durability, being budget-friendly , easy to maintain,  will also be kid-friendly too. … Continue reading Hard Floor Vs Carpet floor

Sea World at San Antonio

 TEXAS TUESDAY WITH KIDS It is fun to be here with your kids. Without an inch of doubt the reason to draw you to this park would be the famous Shamu the whale as the star performer. Located at 10500 Sea World Dr, San Antonio, Texas, 78251, this park at 250 acres is the   … Continue reading Sea World at San Antonio