Farfalle Cantaloupe

One summer day in Australia I found this small and perfectly round cantaloupe lying forgotten in my refrigerator. The obvious thing would be to cut it and eat it as a fruit. However the streak of creativity got the better of me. I remembered having read a recipe somewhere of a pasta cooked with cantaloupe. Cantaloupe... like … Continue reading Farfalle Cantaloupe

Promoting healthy eating habits in toddlers #1

  The Anatomy of the Fussy Eater I believe that parents need to make nutrition education a priority in their home environment. It’s crucial for good health and longevity to instill in your children sound eating habits from an early age.” — Cat Cora (American chef celebrity ) As parents we are the first educators and guides … Continue reading Promoting healthy eating habits in toddlers #1

Homemaker heading towards burnout…

Mothers Mental Health#2 As an expat living  Down Under , I can tell through experience that quiet a number of us are missing the much needed family support. Being in charge of a family entails a need for handling never-ending responsibilities and laborious tasks. If it was only about you , it would be really … Continue reading Homemaker heading towards burnout…

Why Australia is already great?

In the words of an expat mum Its been about a year and a half that we arrived down under. I can still feel the cold October breeze on my face as we exited the huge glass doors of the Melbourne airport at around ten in the night and for the first time ever set foot in the city … Continue reading Why Australia is already great?

What happens to your best-friend after the Marriage?

Life was a lot about friendships. If not all about it. Whatever was the problem in life or whoever it was , it was not too difficult sharing it with that closest friend. She was your high school friend and there was not a secret between the two of you. It was a lot of … Continue reading What happens to your best-friend after the Marriage?