Why living in the remote suburb could be your best bet?

Well you are finally ready to invest in your dream home .  Buying a home commands ample contemplation and decision-making as it is huge investment and for most people can not be remedied or redressed once taken.  In most of the developed world buying a home in the City is a rather unaffordable affair, not to … Continue reading Why living in the remote suburb could be your best bet?


As parents knowing what Truly Matters

The thoughts of a Expat Mum She was furiously washing the dishes. A thousand thoughts were running through her head , mentally planning out all the tasks that she had to accomplish before they arrived .  She had to spread the tablecloth on the table, set the table, put  some last minute seasoning in the curry, grill the chicken and bake the starters. … Continue reading As parents knowing what Truly Matters

What happens to your best-friend after the Marriage?

Life was a lot about friendships. If not all about it. Whatever was the problem in life or whoever it was , it was not too difficult sharing it with that closest friend. She was your high school friend and there was not a secret between the two of you. It was a lot of … Continue reading What happens to your best-friend after the Marriage?

Hard Floor Vs Carpet floor

You are planning to buy a new house but confused as to which type of floor to choose.-Hard floor or Carpet floor. For most people with kids it is easier to make a choice . A perfect flooring apart from lending aesthetic appeal, providing durability, being budget-friendly , easy to maintain,  will also be kid-friendly too. … Continue reading Hard Floor Vs Carpet floor

11 Tips on how to make a small home look bigger

Sometimes in life we are obliged to adjust with whatever we are provided.Our true success lies in how we deal with and not how much we mope over it. Same for the home, however remember life is what you make of it. You might be stuck with a house which is too small for your … Continue reading 11 Tips on how to make a small home look bigger

Magic of Soda and Vinegar

Vinegar and Soda are two of the most commonly available ingredients in the kitchen. There cannot be a kitchen without it. Although there are so many purposes that we use it for, Vinegar is widely used in soups and curries. It is a mixture of ascetic acid and water. However there are many types of vinegar … Continue reading Magic of Soda and Vinegar

Tales of Wallflowers and Weeds

  A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill except for learning how to grow in rows.  ~Doug Larson T he consequences of Procrastination is like that ever multiplying interest on your loan which never seems to abate and can have huge repercussions with time. In short,never let your problems get out … Continue reading Tales of Wallflowers and Weeds

25 Money Saving Tips for the Wise HomeMaker

Saving money can mean so many things to each of us. For some it may be a way of life while for a few it could be a idea you put off as they are confused about it and  have no idea where to begin or even why it would be even necessary. Their are … Continue reading 25 Money Saving Tips for the Wise HomeMaker

An open letter to her husband by a busy mum

  Dear husband, We have come a long way in our marriage and hope to spend my entire life with you and more.Every day we talk to each other at home then why am  I writing a letter ? It is to tell you the things we don't really talk about . After we had … Continue reading An open letter to her husband by a busy mum

How to Pack when moving

HANDY TIPS ON MOVING Moving as we all know can be quiet a stressful business all the more so for the wife or mother. However being a little organized always helps and as we know knowledge is power.You can start planning a month ahead as it can be quiet a challenge especially if you have … Continue reading How to Pack when moving