She became her own best-friend

A heart full of love for others Easy to love easier to forgive  Being nice, she thought no further In a false world she lived She thought  everyone was her friend And that was all that to her matter She would happily follow the trend Among all the elements be the water She did what … Continue reading She became her own best-friend


The Girl who Traveled a lot

Eyes were with a shine aglow Lively and shimmering so Not a sign of confusion Or a case of clouded vision Her chatters were always lively Steps always sprightly Never a dull thing to say A smile on the lips did play Infused with a passionate energy To many was she a mystery A spirit … Continue reading The Girl who Traveled a lot

A Dream into Wakefulness

One evening I fell asleep on my couch It was a dream like no other I can surely vouch It did make me significantly bother I opened my eyes to a new world And stood transfixed at what I saw Clusters of people towards me hurled Population explosion my mind did draw Some walked on … Continue reading A Dream into Wakefulness

A Magic like No Other

What she was was not so clear She was hiding from the world A secret to her dear For they never looked beyond All they judged was from her name and race They were too narrow to ever understand That she was more than a face She was very different from most in the land … Continue reading A Magic like No Other

Hey Dad, take a pause

In a fury, Days passed away In a haze of papers and files More sweat and toil for a little pay Before he could rest had to go miles Morning was coffee and toast Even before the sun was up in the sky A peek into the kids room to the most Never their to … Continue reading Hey Dad, take a pause

Mum, Let me have Fun

Mum, the house is a mess I know But let me a little learn and grow The toys are scattered everywhere A teddy here , puzzles there Here I play, there I run Please let me have a little fun !  This post is in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge and the prompt is … Continue reading Mum, Let me have Fun

She wrote to her 16 year old self

She wrote to herself, Dear Me Now that I have the chance to tell you Their are  things that I would like you to see Understand things so many, know a few I wish you to spend some time more with those that brought you in this world For mostly when you were bored and … Continue reading She wrote to her 16 year old self

A drive to the beach

Engrossed in thoughts,driving away at a 100 speed on the highway mulling over broken dreams silencing in her head shouts and screams a soul mate old who had turned cold for reasons to her not known all she knew ,she was alone her dreams shattered of things that mattered of good things not yet born … Continue reading A drive to the beach

One for hope

Everyday it would play on her mind it would prey Images of hate and murder on her heart a boulder The world was bleeding everywhere fear was breeding going to the airport filled her with dread on streets she carefully tread In the name of  religion,mindless killings to hate them all she was willing Her … Continue reading One for hope

Where books Can take you…

'The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.'-Dr.Seuss There was so much to be done In the journey of her life Not some huge battle to be won but with little things strive Her responsibilities were like the clouds in the sky … Continue reading Where books Can take you…