Why living in the remote suburb could be your best bet?

Well you are finally ready to invest in your dream home .  Buying a home commands ample contemplation and decision-making as it is huge investment and for most people can not be remedied or redressed once taken.  In most of the developed world buying a home in the City is a rather unaffordable affair, not to forget the city is largely the business hub also known as the CBD (Central business district). cbd.jpg

Moving on further even the suburbs can be divided into types, while a lot of people often are seeking that home in the suburb which is located close to the hustle and bustle of the market place, the main street , library, medical centres all at walking distance. However their are the other kind who move away further from such a place into the remote suburb which only comprises of the residential houses, where you might once in a while spot a casual stroller or kids and families traversing from home to school or office or wherever that their commitment is. If their is a park close by you might see a few kids playing their or people walking their dogs. Their is little or no distraction  to lure you into the paraphernalia of the city life.

To some this might sound as a rather unattractive option when choosing their home-

  • how many of us could actually live like this?
  • would that not feel lonely ,
  • would it not get inconvenient getting to the market place

I am not sure how unappealing it may sound although I would like to see the positives as the following:

  1. Investing in a home in a quiet suburb does not make you anti-social or lonely, it simply means that you can choose when you want to socialise. house1
  2. When you know that getting to your friends can take some effort , the best you can do is work on other things to keep you engaged. It could be anything that you enjoy doing in the proximity of your home like developing a habit of reading those books stacked away in your cabinet, creating some new stuffs, designing and decorating cakes. It is the best place to reside for the creative bunch where they can work on their passions undisturbed.relaxing-1979674_960_720.jpg
  3. Their is less distraction of the markets, the shopping sales, all the more if you are suffering from weak control when it comes to loosening your purse strings.re3.jpg
  4. Not to forget it is areas like this which have the lowest noise records , such a place is usually a peaceful haven for those who do not prefer the noisy hustle bustle of the busy sections of the city or even the suburbs.re4.jpg
  5. I know some including myself who in my home country was used to living amidst the noise ; however peace and quiet no matter how uncanny it may seem in the beginning  tends to grow upon us. Today I can say I would be anywhere but in the midst of noise. remote2.jpg
  6. Some studies show that too much surrounding noise in general can stir within us a sense of irritability. Excessive noise can trigger the part of the brain called ‘amygdala’ which in turn leads to release of stress hormone known as cortisol. Thus noise can be cause of stress and rising levels of blood pressure. Thus many times mental health doctors often prescribe people suffering from stress to take a relaxing break in a quiet and peaceful surrounding. Imagine having a home here.rem4
  7. In a experiment being conducted by physician Luciano Bernardi in 2006,  a startling revelation was made that silence has a even more productive effect as compared to relaxing music. The absence of any type of stimulation causes the brain to delve deeper within.re5
  8. Living in such a place provides less disturbances to your brain and hindrances which might inhibit mental clarity, imagination and basically a smooth working of the brain.trash-104739_960_720
  9. A biologist at Duke University called  Imke Kirste conducted a experiment on mices  which made an interesting suggestion that silence can promote the growth of new cells in the brain.re7
  10. Further on such places are the perfect retreat for writers and artists as less external stimuli can enable them to tap into their inner thought processes and build upon it as it also stimulates the part of the brain which sometimes goes undiscovered.re6.jpg
  11. To add here since it is not a busy area you can be rest assured that their will be less influx of traffic and also lesser delays , noise and the likes.rem1.jpg
  12. Further it is likely to be less polluted- cleaner , fresher air, every time, a quiet haven from all the noise of the world. It should be reason enough to be pleased with your decision!rem3




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  1. I’ve lived in a pretty quiet area growing up and back in Houston and I enjoyed the quiet. Now I live in a big city that never sleeps. It has its own energy. Great post.

    I am adding a link to my video. Please support by watching or possibly subscribing.

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    1. I am sure living somewhere busy must be having is own perks. Thank you Jacqueline for dropping by , for sure I will be checking out your videos, All the best in the endeavour!


  2. Saroosh M says:

    I have lived in the city, in a remote area and a place in between, and I have to agree with you, living in a remote suburb was ideal for me. It gave me an option on who to meet, have my privacy, and make each grocery trip an adventure.

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    1. You must be fortunate!


  3. Umm Ruqaiya says:

    Living in a remote location after living in NY (not the main city though), was challenging in beginning for me – but now that we have moved to a comparatively more “city” kinda small town, I so want to go back to our old place. 100% agree with you. Great post. I just wish we could have Masajid (Muslim congregation prayer place) & Halal food in such remote places – those are the things which we really missed living in our old place.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I totally understand what you are saying , thank you so much dear and of course I do feel sorry that you are missing the mosque and the halal stuffs, hope it gets easy for you 🙂

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      1. Umm Ruqaiya says:

        Here, in current town, we do have mosque and some halal options. In old remote town, we didn’t have…

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