Sea World at San Antonio


It is fun to be here with your kids. Without an inch of doubt the reason to draw you to this park would be the famous Shamu the whale as the star performer. Located at 10500 Sea World Dr, San Antonio, Texas, 78251, this park at 250 acres is the   world’s largest marine life theme park. Their are two other Sea world Parks located in  San Diego, California and Orlando, Florida. Its a marine animal theme park , oceanarium and marine mammal park.

There is a lot here for the kids and the entire family too. On entering, not very far is the Bay of Play area which is filled with some mildly thrilling rides suitable for the children. For someone with a Disney hangover, the  Big Bird’s Spinning Reef reminded me of the The Flying Jumbo at the the Magic Kingdom at Orlando, Florida. Not to forget it provides a view of the the play area. Abby Cadabby’s Rockin’ Wave is a ride you can enjoy with your little ones (height requirements should be met) and is a ride that moves forward and backward and has any  uneven has a ripple effect. The kids can also enjoy at the wet activity area  namely Little Bird’s Splash. Just don’t forget to carry those spare clothes . 

Talking of that considering its the Texas Sun who would miss out on loads of sunscreen, hats and glasses. Well if you seem to have forgotten you can take your pick from the souvenir shop. Also if you are a little more courageous being unlike me, there are a few thrilling adult rides as well that you can enjoy.

Moving on their are quiet a few shows too and you can find out the current shows on this link here. I would recommend the Azul. Its a rather colorful and fun show to enjoy with family where you are greeted with lots of colorful parakeets in the arena, also where you are envisioned with the sights of trained acrobats impersonating the parakeets and not to forget some wonderfully skilled beluga whales who are adept at their performances too. It makes for quiet a watch.

One Ocean must not be missed as well where you finally after much aplomb get to view the famous whale Shamu performing  much to the glee and happiness of the little ones enjoying. This show too like the former is a synchronisation of the beluga whale and some trained humans and their interactions.  However be wary of sitting in the steps which are closest to the pool unless you have some spare clothes at hand. Shamu has a unique way of greeting indeed!

Their seems to be some animals on exhibit such as dolphin and alligators too. You can plan it all ahead and not to forget make advance ticket reservations  for the shows as well  if you are planning to spend only a day at the park as you are going to need some time if you would like to cover most of it.

Also what I noticed on the day I went there quiet a few rides and attractions were closed. Sadly their were not too many eating options, all the more for vegetarians. Cheese Pizza and cola (which you can also avail in souvenir glasses ) did it for the day. However right near the exit is a Starbucks shop you can enjoy at.

All in all the main attraction would be the Shamu show and also be ready for the long arduous walks, so dress accordingly and do not forget the stroller.





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