Hermann Park, Houston and….

Texas Tuesday with kids #3

…San Antonio River Walk

The River Walk in San Antonio is a fun and enjoyable place for families as well. The river walk is only a storey below street level. It is the largest urban eco-restoration in the country. It is a 15 miles of paved pathways along the river meandering through the city.

Their are various recreation and dining options along the river walk.

Since walking is not very favourable to our kids its not a bad idea to carry the strollers; also the paths are stroller friendly.

Their is also a 35 minutes river cruise which you can take with your family which is accompanied with a live tour and sight-seeing . Its  really cool and breezy and an enjoyable experience.

Its a guided tour where at every point you will be informed about the various venue and architectures visible along the river banks and a detailed insight into the history behind it. Their will be a lot to be captured on your camera so keep it ready at all times!

The tickets can be availed from kiosks available in most places with discount for kids.

Drop in at the Rivercenter mall which has its own food Court or have a meal at the Rainforest Cafe. Your kids will be happy about it. Not to forget the ice-cream parlours, you might revel in!







Also do not forget to see the following link while you are at it:


Hermann Park in Houston

Its a beautiful sunny day in Houston (well most days are :p), where do you head? But of course a park would be great! However not just any park let’s go to Hermann Park! Why? Its because its one of the best parks in Houston that you can go to, located at

6001 Fannin St, Houston, TX 77030, USA.
What makes this park special?
It is a beautiful , clean, green and serene 445 acre of public green space located in the very heart of Houston and free of cost as well.hp1a
Their is quiet a lot to do here. Like most parks there is ample arrangements to keep your little ones busy. What sets it apart is that there is suitable play arrangements for different age groups making it really popular among the kiddos. To get a detailed insight into this read it from a local.
If you  are anywhere  near the lake its hard to miss out on the  beautiful water pond with mesmerizing ducks floating upon it. Close to that you can  see some teeny tiny hill-like mounds of grass  and lots of trees making it rather well shaded. You can do loads of activities like walking, jogging, playing golf too. Not to forget their is a mini train doing the rounds and if you manage to hop on,  it gives you a view of the entire park which takes quiet some walking on foot to do that.hp2a
To make it even more favorable they even have a cafe with decent and clean food called the Pinewood Cafe which is open from 11 am-5 pm; also they have  a kid friendly menu too. So looking to spend a day outdoors at the park this is just the place.
On top of it the biggest draw is its strategic location , their is sooo much that you can do. It has in close proximity to it a number of popular hangouts some of which are a must visit for the kiddos 😀 . They are as follows-
The really great part is that all these venues are not more than a km drive from the Hermann Park . What a fortune! So its just the place for you and your kids!


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  1. Love afternoons at Hermann Park! Growing up going to the Zoo, riding the train with my father. Rolling down Hippie Hill. Have lots of pics of him hanging on Hippie Hill with his long unkempt hair with his buds, hanging around doing Hippie things…as hippies are want to do. 😉

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    1. You are one lucky girl I must say .. Is that what its called Hippie Hill, I would never have known , I am sure u must be having great pics of your dad doin hippie things :)..I hope that you keep having lots of fun there and lots more memories xx

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  2. I love the Hermann Park as well.

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