Join us in our Quest…

Well, we are about to embark on a Jungle Safari, our special ride is here, kindly step in :)... ...and don't forget to follow the instructions please..i hope we stay safe! Ready set go ! would you like to try some rope-climbing? not me I am good sitting here ūüėČ watching the lovely animals in … Continue reading Join us in our Quest…


The intricacies of the English language #2

¬†A Note to the Migrating Mommy Before arriving in Australia, most of my daughter's growing up years was spent in the USA . I distinctly remember that when I would be busy in some household chores , she could be usually seen with a device watching her favorite shows which is quiet the norm today … Continue reading The intricacies of the English language #2

Navigating through Narrow lanes of New Orleans

A view of Bourbon Street where the Narrow lanes are ¬†home to the French Quarters. New Orleans with its narrow winding lanes and ornate steel balconies is an eclectic mix of ¬†a European past history and the America of today - an endearing puzzle to all those who try to put a finger on its … Continue reading Navigating through Narrow lanes of New Orleans

Pre-Schools-A World apart

All Play and No Work a NO   As most parents are aware pre-school is a transitional phase of education from home to school.It is a child's first foray into formal education away from the safe sanctuary of their home.In my daughter's brief stint in India ,since she was all of three I had … Continue reading Pre-Schools-A World apart