Mother of all dreams

Sometimes I wish

That my wish is fulfilled

Of being idle and free

A life leisurely and thrilled

New outfits in my closet piled

A new dress here

A new shoe there

A necklace of diamond

on my neck bare

Going partying everywhere

Warm food on my plate

Not a grain of rice would I hate

Always smelling lovely

Never even a little sweaty

Never a hair out of place

Loose or tied up in lace

Skin as peach smooth

Perfect from head to foot

Sometimes I sigh

And wish oh why

Can my dream

Not come true

But I have a clue

Time is elusive

As I am a mum

Running on my two feet

In cold or in heat

Trying to make their ends meet

Serving them supper

Eggs to him oats to her

Bathing clothing

And other every day chores

But it’s when I look

Into eyes wide n innocent

And smell upon

Their beautiful scent

That I realize deep within

If ever there was a richest lady

In the world it was me

For the greatest wealth

For any mother was to be

Her little lovely boys and girls

Bigger than all the

Treasures of the world!


Foreword:Happy Family.Family is best.These are adages used in the society to describe the family.Sometime for the mother the romance ends.We come across cases of postnatal depression where mother’s express a feeling of worthlessness ,of feeling unattractive.Sure enough motherhood does not provide too many opportunities to glamorize oneself .Perhaps this piece was written in one of those few moments of frustration .


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