That Man on the Moon

Through his window

Across the bed

He would often put out his head

And look at clouds like snow

He often got lost in imagination

About the sky so blue

Searching for some clue

Head brimming with myriad sensation

It promised him untold fantasy

Dreams of dragons and fairies

Never made him wary

Brought him ecstasy

It drew him like a magnet

To find the pot o gold

Beneath the rainbows’ colors bold

He wished to unfold the secret

Of shooting stars flashing across

He would swoon

Over the moon

For words he was at a loss

To describe how it drew him

It worked on him like madness

An ever growing sadness

No more was it a whim

When full of twenty nine was he

His mother went to see her son

Was he wearing suit silver one

The leader to be

Of a astronauts team

Flying to the moon and back

In the space black

To fulfill his life’s dream

It gave him sheer joy

To think he would all of it see

His eyes wide open would be

And he would savour it and enjoy!



The WordPress Daily Prompt for June 3, asks us to reflect on the word, “Sky.”


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