The house Cat

With a collar around the neck

None can tie me down

ready for my trek

Somewhere in this town

Slither like a snake

Prance here and there

I am off to explore

What is getting bored?

Adventurer by spirit

On the edge of my wit

Brown haired beautiful

Naughty and playful

What gets me twitching

Is those little things running

In and out of a house

Those gray and brown restless mouse

Once I am chasing them

Under the table cloth’s hem

Next they are scampering across the floor

Straight out of the door

Getting hands on them is not so easy

are they not so teasy?

but that doesn’t stop me

they are all I can see

Little bugs I love to disturb

make up for my daily grub

Never my mistress is a fool

to leave that ball of wool

cause I roll it all around

never to be in shape round found

In a sudden moment I pee

when my mistress will see

comes after me,makes a dash

Clever am I gone in a flash

Enjoy sitting on human face

Lick myself not leave a trace

These are a few things I love

Not to forget chasing a dove

but what brings me most joy

lying on my back like a lifeless toy

not a soul does dwell

can move me by a yell

Morning noon night or day

pleasure tis’ to laze away!

Back story:It started when I was 10 years old.My brother brought home a stray kitten.Since that day they have been very much a part of my household.Although I am not too fond of cat myself,always have I seen my parents dedicatedly serving the cat community.Cats have very much been a part of my childhood and this piece would be inspired by that.

28 thoughts on “The house Cat

  1. SANA ISLAM says:

    My first read on your blog, and I had huge smile etched on my face while reading this because I have six of them myself! And I still cannot get enough of these wonderful, cuddly little sweethearts! This pretty much sums up all the naughty abilities of cats!
    Keep the posts up! Great work! Cant wait to read them all!

    Liked by 1 person

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