Are you suffering from Parental Discrimination?

Scenario One

On May 28 2015 , Canadian Celebrity Sarah Blackwood was removed from the  United Airlines plane for having an overly noisy kid, who also happened to be pregnant at the time.

Scenario Two

A blogger and new mum Arielle Charnas was asked to move to the back of the plane from the first class simply because her little girl found the environment overwhelming and could not be calmed down.

There are many more incidents which you read everyday or hear or even face when you are looked down upon for an unruly infant or toddler. It scares me as a parent. Considering that a long distance flight for me could be on the cards and,  I have a baby too , such news makes me dread them. It makes my brain scramble to find a solution to this intolerable baby crying syndrome. Their is a swarm of  people writing about those intolerable kids at the Super market aisle or movie theatre, not to forget proponents advising you how to control your sorry excuse of a kid. 

It would be of great help if I could get my hands on the profiling of these unruly kids-parent haters. A few premature judgments I can make about them are;

  1. they are having a bad day 
  2. they are so victimized by life and are simply trying to find someone to release their pent-up frustrations and found them that ill-behaved kid
  3. they do not have kids of their own or anyone in their near family

Certainly this, what else can the reason be here, for refusing to understand that kids sometimes behave unreasonably because of the simple reason that they are kids. What you should familiarize yourself with before judging these parents are as listed below

  1. Kids are unpredictable beings; their is no such thing as ‘good kids’. The best of kids can have a bad day or behave unreasonably on that one day. In the case of a infant/toddler you can throw all reasoning out of the window;
  2. It might be that the kid just got overwhelmed by the new situation of being on that plane, remember plane flights are not that easy for us as adults as well considering you are seated in one place all that time.
  3. As parents it is our duty to prepare for the short/long distance flight, we can prepare with loads of books/toys and food to keep the lo engaged. Simply because my kid chose that one moment to cry his lungs out does not imply that I did not do my homework. 
  4. I know it is rather easy for you to roll your eyes and give a smirky look wearing your cool outfits and nicely styled hair at the parent making vain efforts to calm her insolent little baby who chose this flight to create a ruckus and spoil your peace and quiet , is having it worse than you could imagine not only with the difficult child but also dealing with vain people who are too immature to ever understand her sincere efforts;
  5. Know it that being a parent is no mean feat; its a 24 hour hands on job , and those having more kids are probably dead tired , sleep deprived,  helpless, clueless and do not forget embarrassed and every type of negative ‘ed’ words that you posses in your English vocabulary
  6. Well kids are probably many things but what they are not is a ZOMBIE; nor the latest model of that Japanese company Robot
  7. The reason they usually cry is  They
    1. are hungry
    2. thirsty
    3. sleepy 
    4. tired
    5. or Scared

As for me I am madly trying to read as many ‘how to have a sane flight with kids manuals’ I can get my hands on. Not to forget my plans to sit with my kid strapped to my armchair every once in a while. The hours will keep increasing depending on the expertise reached.  Also furiously trying to find the ‘behave yourself’ switch, lest its hidden somewhere discreet. As for my readers sincerely hoping you have that calm and quiet flight you seriously deserve!



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  1. Wow….love everything but worth mentioning….1Kids are unpredictable beings;
    and 2.The reason they usually cry is They
    are hungry
    or Scared

    I have learned 5 things from my Baby and believe me your post teaches a lot of other things to consider.

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    1. Thanks and I would love to hear from you the things that you learnt 🙂


  2. you have put it right….actually in almost all the flights, I have encountered one or two cases…some at the start of the boarding and some after….I feel the closed cramped environment scares the kids….further the parenting too makes a lot of difference….also the air pressure acting on their soft eardrums cause pain…

    We need to keep them busy….sometimes bribing with the things they want….letting them chewing eatables especially during landing and take off….at cruise….we need to fulfil their requirements to make them remain busy…

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    1. of course the air pressure , is cause for discomfort, I agree with whatever you said..


  3. It’s true, as much as we try to prepare for events, we can’t control every ounce of our children’s behaviour. Society has a duty to be more tolerant and understanding.

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    1. Yes sarcasticmuslim mama society should understand , its awkward for parents too!

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  4. daneelyunus says:

    very nice post and thanks for sharing the discussions and solutions about this problem. The same problem in cinema hall, Travelling in bus or train, market.


  5. Love your post!

    Reminds me of the time I went on a long haul flight with my one year old daughter. It was a night flight and the moment I stepped in with my baby, everyone was staring at me. Some were rolling their eyes and some looked seriously annoyed.

    My daughter was a champ and slept most of the flight, the rest of the time my husband and I took turns to entertain her.

    When we landed people actually came up to me to say thank you for ‘taming your child’, for not letting her cry, and even congratulating me for being such a good parent.

    Like my parenting can be judged just because my baby didn’t cry on one flight. Maybe she was having a good day, maybe she was too tired from all the action of getting to the airport. It was just a lucky day for us and I am sure we will have many a terrible flights in the future.

    People, please be nice. What goes around comes around and if you stare down a mama with a crying baby, I am sure you will be holding your crying baby in the future trying to explain yourself.

    Wishing everyone a safe, judgment and cry free trip.

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    1. Thank you readingforsanitymom for the appreciation and also the beautiful message that you just gave, could not have put it better! xx


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