Tips to wean your kids off the …

This blog is mainly to redirect to a blog that I wrote for, a parenting blog portal from India . Take the time to read my blog where I share handy tips to wean your kids off the modern day fixation of the kids namely the mobiles and the I-pads of the world! "They … Continue reading Tips to wean your kids off the …

Placing Round pegs in Square holes?

A Suitable Career "Do you listen to your children? I do not mean as in listening when they are talking to you. That of course is important. However , what I implied is do you closely observe the things which your child communicate about their likes their interests and their general and special aptitudes which they … Continue reading Placing Round pegs in Square holes?

As parents knowing what Truly Matters

The thoughts of a Expat Mum She was furiously washing the dishes. A thousand thoughts were running through her head , mentally planning out all the tasks that she had to accomplish before they arrived .  She had to spread the tablecloth on the table, set the table, put  some last minute seasoning in the curry, grill the chicken and bake the starters. … Continue reading As parents knowing what Truly Matters

Why Australia is already great?

In the words of an expat mum Its been about a year and a half that we arrived down under. I can still feel the cold October breeze on my face as we exited the huge glass doors of the Melbourne airport at around ten in the night and for the first time ever set foot in the city … Continue reading Why Australia is already great?

What true education is !

Remembering Martin Luther King... So many years were gone Seen with her two eyes  children as a teacher , in life run a marathon. Move from pencil to pen So many classes had she seen so many lessons she taught. With new thoughts did young minds wean answers which every time sought. Being a  teacher … Continue reading What true education is !

Tragedy and pathos in Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes as we know are so much part of the growing up years of children and their parents like. As children we had so many memories of singing various nursery rhymes, all a part of a happy memory characterizing fun accompanied with learning. Singing rhymes can indeed benefit in so many ways and are … Continue reading Tragedy and pathos in Nursery Rhymes