10 Simple tips for Cleaning your house

Lately I have come across a question being asked on various social medias. It asks us women that what is it that we would choose out of the following. Now if a wish out of the following four options was asked I would without spending a flash of second wish for the house to clean itself. I know for certain that a clean house is not something that can be achieved easily. Indeed it takes a lot of organising, consistency, planning and  tons of hard work.

Which would you choose? (courtesy Brightside)


I myself have always struggled to have a clean house . With kids the task becomes mammoth. Firstly we must not confuse the word cleanliness with tidy and neat. A house full of kids may be always clean but not necessarily always tidy. We owe this to our kids that they can explore and play and have the time of their lives in the premises of their homes. That is what kids do. If it is a clean house one is after one can strive towards the goal. Here are a few ways of making the task of cleaning the home easier.

  1. Have a weekly cleaning strategy. Even if you are not doing as planned you are reminding yourself of what needs to be done. Sooner or later we manage to accomplish what we know we must do. Planning in advance saves our time as we do not waste it in making decisions. plan-1616237_960_720.jpg
  2. Have your cleaning stuff close to whatever needs to be cleaned. For example the stuffs needed to clean your kitchen must be placed in the cupboard under your sink  or whatever storage area that you like in your kitchen.

    Cleaning stuffs should be close at hand.
  3. Do not try to overtake mammoth cleaning tasks at once. It will probably make the task at hand appear to be daunting. The best idea is to break the cleaning area into small sections and go about cleaning in a systematic sequence. For example when cleaning the study one can start with the study desk and then move to cleaning other sections of the room.

    Cleaning one small area at a time
  4. Try cleaning from higher to low area for effective cleaning. It helps in cleaning the dust which has settled at the bottom.

    Cleaning the frames on the wall first and then clean the items at a  lower level  like the couch or the table.
  5. Keep wipes handy. On days we are not ready to put in too much of an effort, just pull some wipes and its done. Another quick and easy alternative for cleaning these days is magic eraser.

    Make cleaning easier for when you don’t want to clean
  6. Everything in your house should have its place. When trying to tidy up the room quickly put everything in its place. Everything in your house should have a place what does not belong should not be there in the house.

    Everything should have its place
  7. If one is more careful to put away whatever they may need after they are done with it, it would help in avoiding clutter and piling up of massive mess around the house.

    A clutter build-up can be your worst enemy.
  8. Before washing the dishes I follow a simple ritual of filling some hot water in the sink and then put in all the dishes. This allows the dishes to soak and makes cleaning them so much easier . It helps greatly in loosening up the dirt,stain and grime and enables in easier washing and less need for soap,as well.

    Soaking the dishes help a lot!
  9. Listening to an audio or podcasts help some people in getting on with their task. radio-2974649_960_720.jpg
  10. When it comes to laundry , a laundry piling up can cause huge problems so should be consistently culled. Once clothes have dried it is always a good idea to fold them as you take them off the line and put them in the respective closets.
    when it’s washing day

    Did you know that Two simple home ingredients of soda and vinegar can go a long way in helping you clean your home ,it is also great for those who find harmful chemicals as unfavourable. To read more about it click here.

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    Belated happy new year

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        Have a great 2018

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