What true education is !

Remembering Martin Luther King…

So many years were gone

Seen with her two eyes  children

as a teacher , in life run a marathon.

Move from pencil to pen

So many classes had she seen

so many lessons she taught.

With new thoughts did young minds wean

answers which every time sought.

Being a  teacher to educate did strive

with sincere honesty utmost

With this purpose she did thrive

to instill goodness the most!

Minds of varied kinds

some dull some bright

They would  seek to answers find

from ignorance come to light

Many turned successful

some doctors some engineers

They were minds not dull

went  on to have great careers

Some went wherever life took them

did what they loved to do

But from where does true success stem?

She felt,understand this a very few

When one’s mind has empathy

to love what you understand not

When one is easy to provide help and sympathy

to those who are the have nots

When you don’t judge by how they look

by the color of their skin

Its not all about the books

which make you truly win

If we can only love what is ours

and think narrowly about only our own community

then our education has gone sour

it’s a thing of great pity!

Real education should help to evolve

and make the hearts without prejudice

the issue of hate solve

make one a lover of justice.

To know evil is not bound by skin colors

may it be yellow,  white or brown

All it can ever be is a pigment, a pallor

which can be found in any human of any town.

As a teacher this is all I can say

in this my greatest success lies

For what my heart prays

to fill the world with hearts wise

Which know better than to differentiate

based on how one looks or what they wear

Otherwise it’s time to reconsider the state

of your mind and all that you hold dear!



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  1. daneelyunus says:

    remembering childhood when use pencils and sharpners

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    1. Thanks for dropping by..:)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. rupalislale says:

    Very noble thoughts of a noble profession and beautifully written

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed teaching is one of the most noble professions.. Thank you Rupali for your kind words 😊


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