11 Tips on how to make a small home look bigger

Sometimes in life we are obliged to adjust with whatever we are provided.Our true success lies in how we deal with and not how much we mope over it. Same for the home, however remember life is what you make of it. You might be stuck with a house which is too small for your liking but do you know that with some judicious planning , you can extract the most out of your small house and transform it into a rather cosy den. Here are some tips to go by.

  1. Same color flooring-If the floor of the house has a color co-ordination with the walls it might create an illusion where the boundaries are blurred. It allays the effect of a small perimeter. ho9
  2.  White Furnishings- As we know white colors reflects light. If placed against white walls creates an illusion of blending and also it does not grab all the attention of the looker.  ho11.jpg
  3. Use of wall mirrors- Mirrors can create great illusions.  Most  interior designers use it as it creates a sense of space. Its not hard to spot them in most hotel foyers, rooms, malls and other hospitality places as it creates not only an illusion of big space but also lends a touch of grandeur.ho3
  4. Lots of windows- It is not just about lots of windows but also keeping in mind that even big windows like bay-windows help. As we know windows enable lots of lights to come in and in turn make our home well-lighted and consequently appear bigger. Windows are a good investment. ho2
  5. Minimal furniture-The market is full of attractive furniture but it should be our aim to not get swayed by those. It is also a good idea to avoid impulsive shopping. It always a good idea to plan in advance the look  and theme of our home and buy accordingly. Further if we have a small house we must only shop for the essential furniture and know what we need. Buying simple basics not only help  keep our home clutter free but also  save money.ho4
  6. Light colored or white walls. White walls are not only a desirable color but also  great at reflecting light and lend a touch of elegance too at the same time.ho5
  7. Electrical appliances like refrigerator, fridge or television not too big even smaller than usual can create an illusion. Having a television too big in your living room becomes the focus of your living room. ho8
  8. Keep center of the living space clear; that means avoiding coffee tables and invest on side tables. So invest on that coffee table you can tuck away in the corner of the room.ho7
  9. An added storage can help in keeping the clutter away. If we are allotted a extra space like a small room, it can be used as a storage for putting away that bassinet your kid has outgrown, or those empty boxes till you manage to rid yourself of those. ho16
  10. Keep wardrobe and kitchen well organized and contained in the small spaces available;avoiding the clutter.  Learning to organize our stuffs in the available storage cabinets helps prevent clutter outside so always a great thing to be able to organize well. Further we must also know the art of disposing of things when we do not need them otherwise they tend to spill out. ho13
  11. Invest in Multi-purpose furniture. The market is full of those.ho117

Happy Home Designing ! 🙂



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  1. These are really some great tips, especially the the white furnish and the same color flooring and wall. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks for the appreciation x😊

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  2. Elaine's Bloggers Paradise says:

    Great tips thanks for sharing 😉

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    1. Thanks for the appreciation x

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  3. Sainab says:

    Some great tips. I will definitely be keeping this in mind.


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    1. Thank you Sainab 🙂


  4. daneelyunus says:

    thanks for fantastic information.

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    1. Thanks for the appreciation 😊

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  5. I found this really helpful, thank you

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  6. merakdesign says:

    Great tips, keep up the good work!

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂


  7. hnndb says:

    Thanks for sharing, good tips visit our page http://www.hnndb.com/

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    1. Thank you , will do so soon !


  8. leadstone says:

    great ideas. add one: choose the comfortable kitchen countertops.
    wholesale https://goo.gl/AulTnB

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    1. yeah sounds like a good one !


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