She became her own best-friend

A heart full of love for others

Easy to love easier to forgive

 Being nice, she thought no further

In a false world she lived

She thought  everyone was her friend

And that was all that to her matter

She would happily follow the trend

Among all the elements be the water

She did what she thought everyone

Was most likely to do

Things that were considered fun

Why so ,often she had no clue

She was a duckling among the chicks

Seeked to be the lily despite being a rose

All she did was try to stick ,

to blend ,herself she did not  know

Lost herself she somewhere did

but friends so many find did she

in their shadows she happily hid

only the thrill of life she did not see

till one day the similarities became unbearable

The special light in her was  revealed

They fled her side,to face it not everyone was able

Never was she herself more healed

Although now she was all alone

No one to support her talent unique

Not one friend she could call her own

To them she was just a freak

But never had she been at more peace

To know of what she was made 

Her passions did her heart seize

Her soul did brighten up never to fade

No more was she a  victim of her  situation 

where she drew strength from pity of others

Truly she deserved a standing ovation

for breaking free of the emotional fetters

For she realized happiness comes not, 

never from the support others to you lend

but a certain inner strength which taught

‘You’ to be your own best friend!






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  1. Camie says:

    That’s lovely.

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    1. Thank you so much 😊

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