The intricacies of the English language #1


I recently visited the nurse for my son’s 8 month check-up. Thankfully it went fine but a question she asked me made me a wee bit curious. ‘Do you read to him?’ Reading to someone who could not make head nor tales out of something, I sniggered secretly. Although I must admit I had read a  number of times to my 4 yo with him on my lap, it would usually end with him trying to pull the book out of my hand and try to taste it or tear it. It would usually end with either of the 2 Ts.

So she told me that I must do it as children who are read at from the beginning have a chance of having an advantage of 4000 words more over those who have not been read to since an early age. Further on, she added the benefits are as follows:

  1. it develops a bonding between parent and child
  2. teaches language skills
  3. promotes logical thinking
  4. promotes higher literacy rate in growing up years
  5. develops a love for reading

As a result I am heading to the library whenever I get the chance , to stock up on some baby books. Besides, my little girl is a device freak and I am looking for ways to wean her off it.Thus I always encourage her to explore books and read her in those rare chances that I have nothing to do. In order to know the statistics on the benefits of reading for your child, follow the link below:

My Story

Makes me reminisce over my childhood. The earliest memories I have is of my father buying me creativity books on the way from school. This was followed by fairy tales which I was very fond of. Perhaps the most fond memory I have is of the Enid Blyton books that I so eagerly read. In those days all you needed to feel thrilled on a Friday evening as a kid was to have mummy’s  delicious home-made food and some thrilling Enid Blyton books namely something from the Famous Five series for company to add a zing to your otherwise dull weekends. These books till today I believe helped me in so many ways in my middle school in ways such as:

  1. developing my imagination
  2. introducing me to a new world of adventures, family holidays, thrilling picnics, scones and English tea and smugglers on islands.
  3. developed  vocabulary
  4. a love for reading
  5. opened my eyes to the world

However the actual reason why I took to reading it was because it had been my mother’s favorite as well when she had been a kid. The book made a connection like no other and went on to shape my childhood memories. My journey into reading progressed to Shivers and Goosebumps and then  the regretful phase of Mills and Boon. It was a vortex in my reading life I wish I had avoided as it plummeted me into an escapism from the realities of my world and made me into a recluse. A book should  at times be stimulating and on other times be inspiring and definitely not a refuge from one’s being . I really wonder at times how differently my life would have been shaped if perhaps I had rather than delving in one genre a few meaningful and varied things as well. . 

After years of reading the trashy literature and eons of developing false ideas and expectations in life about tall , dark and handsome men who can rescue you from all the troubles of life  , I finally shed off the vain habit. However what stayed with me was a strong command over the language. I had a love for the English language in the deep recesses of my hearts. Down the years I remember reading a few  books here and there of local and foreign authors . However it was recently that I discovered my love for reading all over again what with fewer people to talk with at my new place of living. This is when I realized that a good book is  and will always be my closest friend.

When I recently arrived in Australia and began to frequent the hospital, what with expecting my second child,  I was often told I have got excellent communication skills. Wherever I went I often heard this quiet a lot and still do. Made me perplexed at times as to what  the fuss was all about , a lot of people I know  could do the same despite it being not their mother tongue. As for me I had  acquired schooling from a school with Anglo affiliations where Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Dickens were a part of growing up and not to and not to forget  a well reputed convent college (which to me is arguably the best college in the city for girls) run by  the missionary nuns in the library of which I often sifted through the ages of Paulo Coelho looking for inspiration followed by higher education in a University .

In today’s world speaking the English language is not just a skill its a necessity. Speaking it, according to me,   surely comes through a learning process corroborated

  • with reading,
  • speaking ,
  • listening and
  • lots of practical usage. 

 Talking of myself I am fine with reading anything and everything even if it is the very massy Stephen King novel. Presently  my life,what with my crawler and toddler and a cramped in blogging life simply does not allow me to enjoy the luxuries of a beautifully crafted novel. How I wish to  put everything on pause and simply put up my feet with a novel in hand and some warm coffee on my lips. To kill a Mockingbird and A thousand splendid Suns, anyone?



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  1. survivingbutterfly says:

    I have a love for books too. But the busier I get, the less I read. I think I will read to my 2 month old. Thanks for the info😄


    1. You are welcome and as a mother it does get a tad too busy at times 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A big lesson here for parents. Thanks for sharing this.

    Liked by 1 person

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