A Dream into Wakefulness

One evening I fell asleep on my couch
It was a dream like no other
I can surely vouch
It did make me significantly bother

I opened my eyes to a new world
And stood transfixed at what I saw
Clusters of people towards me hurled
Population explosion my mind did draw

Some walked on pavements
Some flowed upon the streets
The air had a leathery scent
Not of freshness sweet

I looked far beyond
In the direction of curling smoke
And the source my eyes did found
Rows of factory from the horizon did poke

Around it countless structures
Not a trace of green in sight
Shiny and sleek architectures
Infused with glittering bright lights

Hordes of car dotting the street
Moving at a snail’s pace
Furiously honking and grinding their teeth
Were people with  sullen faces

Driving cars is so obsolete now
Someone beside me muttered
I looked up and in surprise raised my brow
As an electric car above my head fluttered

Upon a big screen my eyes fell
The news upon it flashed
Many cities were drowned, it would tell,
By the rising sea level got washed

Earthquakes were getting frequent
Forests getting rarer
The Earth was getting rapidly spent
Food getting barer

Well the sky was still there
As I looked up, covered in a grey veil
Only the moon did not shine fair
And the star to twinkle did fail

The world was advanced beyond years
It seemed to me now
But instilled in me a fear
How far could this go

Their is a price for everything
Someone has to pay
However my soul cringed
To think my children might see this day

This thought woke me up instantly
From the nightmare that I saw
To learn not to exploit blatantly
A wish at my heart gnawed

The brilliant blue planet we call home
Prayed that we could preserve
The place where man and animal roamed
And was so full of rich life reserves!



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  1. rupalislale says:

    Hi , I have posted my Liebster Award blog post. Thanks for nominating me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome 🙂


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