A Magic like No Other

What she was was not so clear
She was hiding from the world
A secret to her dear
For they never looked beyond

All they judged was from her name and race
They were too narrow to ever understand
That she was more than a face
She was very different from most in the land

Yet she was more than what on surface saw
A secret she harbored feared to disclose
To people who could never look beyond
The obvious and what lie merely on the surface

In reality she was a magical fairy
Not the one that you would see and know
But powers that she used unsparingly
a single line in a curve would grow

Darkness she could turn to light
Frowns would turn to smiles
As she could sense someone’sΒ  plight
Hear a sad echo away from miles

And all she ever tried to do
Was help that needy soul
Was she the most generous and true
playing to perfection her role

By her kind words she mend
Many a broken hearts
Sometimes an ear she would lend
Listen to tales from end to start

She made them feel better
As soon as she was heard
She could break chains and fetters
With the softness of her words

It was hard to see someone suffering
A heart so soft she possessed
She could not help worrying
Till she had it redressed

Words were not all she used
But beautiful actions too
Like fire with with water doused
How she did you would have no clue

She could do many things
But you could never say why
No magic wands or wings
All she did was try

It just gave her gladness
Filled her with unsuppressed joy
To take someone away from the madness
What could someone destroy

Her superpower was a beautiful heart
Full of kind brilliance
in spreading warmth it played its part
Made her One in a Million!


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