Hey Dad, take a pause

In a fury, Days passed away
In a haze of papers and files
More sweat and toil for a little pay
Before he could rest had to go miles

Morning was coffee and toast
Even before the sun was up in the sky
A peek into the kids room to the most
Never their to answer to their whys

His day began at the workplace
Busy with tasks and making connections
Things moved at a fast pace
When he was working to attain perfection

Years passed like this
He was busy moving towards his goals
Taking to unseen heights his business
Unconscious ,unwary of his other roles

The people who were called family
Were lost to him unknown
His children missed him verily
Seeds of aloofness were deeply sown

Hath no time to play with hisΒ  son
Or chat up with his daughter
He passed up on their growing-up fun
Or the chance to hear their laughter

Although of comfort and riches
Their was no dearth
What he missed was walk on the beaches
And calm strolls on the cool wet earth

Days passed into months
Months into years
Like a candle he burnt
As wax melts off like tears

Till a day came upon him
When he had a head full of hair grey
His sense of sight grew so dim
His limbs were weak, walked he with a sway

His children were now all grown
Busy with new things in their lives
He was now the richest man in town
Although he had everything to thrive

All he wished now was for
His children to him gibberish talk
Knock at his room’s door
DragΒ  him downstairs for a walk

He missed the endless chatters
The broken nursery rhymes
Those days of innocence really mattered
But they were gone with time

But could he ever blame life
For loss of his youth and what he didΒ  not
Cherish when it was and towards it strive
In balance is beauty was his final thought!



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