25 Money Saving Tips for the Wise HomeMaker

Saving money can mean so many things to each of us. For some it may be a way of life while for a few it could be a idea you put off as they are confused about it and  have no idea where to begin or even why it would be even necessary. Their are usually numerous questions going on in their head when they hear ‘Saving ‘. A few questions may be like  –

  • Is it wrong to consider saving money?
  • Well,your annual family income is fairly supportive of your lifestyle then why should you even consider saving money.Is it not being miserly to consider saving money?
  • Does saving money entail that I do not indulge in the things that I love?
  • Does it mean that I am making compromises in my way of living?
  • Do I have to live a boring a  life?

The answer to all of the above questions is NO.Further-

  1. You need to save your money because it is YOUR BLOODY MONEY.
  2. By controlling the flow of your money you can ensure that you invest the same money in more fruitful and satisfying ways.
  3. Your money can be used in a more planned way.
  4. You can secure your money for unforeseen future needs.
  5. Some of people need to save as they are indebted owing to some kind of loan that they acquired such as student, business property and so on.

Having said all that if this blog still makes no sense to you as you are a shopping addict .Follow the life of a certain shopaholic. Read my blog here, the book review of Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella-


As for the rest Read on…

What are the ways you can save money as a homemaker and a valuable contributor or perhaps as the most resourceful and vital member of your family?      

  1.   Always plan your weekly menu ahead of time and have a list of stuffs you need to purchase from your local grocery ahead of time.This prevents any unnecessary and excessive shopping.                                      mon2.png                                                                                                              
  2. Always do your shopping on a full stomach.You have no idea how much it can save you.  mon12.jpg
  3. Always avail of the weekly or monthly or seasonal sales.Pick up stuffs which are up on decent offers even if you do not need it at the moment as if it is important you will always need them sometime.                                                                                                                                           WP_20160726_16_39_21_Pro
  4. Try making your own desserts at home such as baking or frying your own donuts.Well not only do you discover your inert talents but are spending about a fraction of your hard-earned money which you would spend while purchasing store made stuffs.To top it imagine your pride when your family compliments you on your dessert making skills! 🙂   Click here     instagramcapture_fe8bbc30-8116-47c9-a9fb-d80e10c6fc56                                                                                                                                                                               
  5. House brands are always cheaper.                                                 mon27
  6. Sign up at your bulk buying stores. I am talking Costco. Although while purchasing you need to spend more money.The products if used sensibly can last longer and eventually save you money.You Win.                                                                                                          mon15.jpg
  7. Try being aware of your local farmer’s market.Sometimes you can  get some great deals on your weekly grocery without compromising on quality.At the same time you are   contributing to the economy at the grass root level.You win,again.                     mon13.jpg
  8. You might even get luckier when you find out that your local farmer’s market has a last hour or closing hour when prices are slashed considerably.Why not  avail of that. I do.         mon14
  9. In general avoid too much going to the mall . Sounds difficult ,right?Well it would as we are the ‘mall generation’.Whatever the need we simply drive down to the mall.Lonely ? Bored? Stressed? Whatever be the question . The answer is usually malls!If you just said Yes to the third question ,avoid it all the more.As when you have that bill in your hands from the comfort shopping that you did you are even going to be some more…STRESs              mon25
      • Instead why not  join a library
      • go to the beach
      • visit your local park
      •  subscribe   for a annual membership to the local zoo or whichever place that you like! 
      • or simply sign up you and your kids for a hobby or family activity that you enjoy doing like swimming.
      •  You can use a lot of other alternative ideas to spend your time even more fruitfully.                                                
  10. When going out with family you can always carry your own healthier food options instead of making a dash to your regular fast food place.Already you are making super healthy investments into your child’s future food habits!                                                                 mon18
  11. Coming to the kitchen ,while cooking Always cover and cook your food.This not only saves the amount of gas being consumed but also saves the flavour and texture of your food.Food is tastier.                                                                                                     mon19.jpg
  12. You can try cooking in bulk and storing the food in your freezer.It not ONLY SAVES YOU FROM THE HASSLE of cooking too often but also saves precious much.                       mon17.jpg
  13. A lot of us can’t do without our morning cup ‘o’ joe.Why drive through the ‘drive-thru’ every day.Invest in a cool set of to go tumblers.They look cool as well.                             mon16.jpg
  14. Coming to your clothes ,why not plan your wardrobe as well.You do not need to do do a weekly shopping to look awesome and well endowed in terms of wealth or style.         This blogger has some great tips on minimal style.Check her out here.                           mon20.jpg
  15. You can still look as smart if you  can set up a wardrobe with a mix of pastel and neutral colors,something that you can mix and match for the the different days of your week. Do check out this 10 item wardrobe.Click here.                                                                      mon21.jpg
  16. It is way too lazy if you decide to rid yourself of that new garment simply because it tore or lost a button.Invest in a box of sewing stuffs.Never mind you did not have a great grandmother to train you with an enviable skill at sewing.Why not hit youtube. Meanwhile you can check out this blog.Click here.                                                        mon22.jpg
  17. How about using that elaborate jacket or stole or your pearl necklace to really jazz up your simple dress?Well it sure does not look garish.And you are saving money for those really special occasions when you can feel worthy of splurging and that too a little more planned. For accessory ideas check out this blog.Click here. .                                                                                    mon5
  18. Remember ,the better you are at maintaining your wardrobe the longer it will last.Always follow cleaning instructions already provided on garment tags For some great ideas on maintaining your wardrobe.Check out this page.Click here.          mon6
  19. Always invest in well reputed good quality shoes and footwear.They might cost a little more at the time but save you a hell of a lot of money by being more comfy and lasting longer.                                                                                                              mon7
  20. When buying footwear for kids always buy a size larger,you have no idea how fast they outgrow about everything.                                          mon8.gif
  21. When buying apparels do not miss out on paying a visit to your local brand outlet.You might get some great sale offers.Although go apparel shopping only when you need to buy .                                                                                                 mon10
  22. The season of festivals and celebrations are all the rage and make us really happy but do be careful that you are pocket happy as well!Always plan buying gifts in advance keeping your budget in mind as impromptu shopping can not only give you a pocket pinch but neither does it promise satisfaction.                           mon23
  23. When buying gifts why not avail of various round the year sales.It sure makes you smarter.mon24
  24. When giving gifts you do not necessarily have to buy a precious brooch!How about something worthwhile like a Book they love or have would like to read.Need some great inexpensive gifting ideas.Click here.    For some more great ideas Click here.             mon9.jpg

Well this was a simple collaboration of various saving ideas which I learnt in the course of my family life. The idea is not to follow them by the book but take what suits you and leave the rest. Also those which you decide to practice are better done slowly and at a time. Learning to use our money judiciously is an art we learn with time and some practice !



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  1. J L Hunt says:

    Great tips…very helpful 🙂

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    1. Good to know you find them helpful! 🙂

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  2. Gemma says:

    These are some great tips that I will definitely use! Looking forward to seeing more of your blog! Hope you can check out/follow mine: https://myhappycornerblog.wordpress.com 🙂

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    1. First of all thank you for dropping by…now will be checking out your blog 🙂

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  3. Riha194 says:

    These tips are great!! 😀

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  4. survivingbutterfly says:

    I love the tip on shopping full. So many times I shopped thinking if I’m starving i’ll know what to buy. It backfired big time! 😄I would literally have two baskets full! And far as shoes, I buy cheap shoes all the time and yes, they didn’t last. I will swallow my pride as a penny pincher and invest in shoes. Great article!👍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know , shopping empty stomach always backfires for the obvious reasons , also thanks for the appreciation and here’s wishing you all the best in your money management ,I am sure you will do well ! 🙂


  5. Great tips. As a blogger, have you thought about budget electronics? I found this article recently and thought it was spot on. I think you or your readers might appreciate this one, too: http://www.gogetmikey.com/best-tablets-under-100.html
    Great thing about this review, is the reviewer promotes the cheapest one!

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    1. I would be very much interested in learning about budget electronics..will check out the blog asap..thanks for sharing 🙂


  6. Very sensible ideas.

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    1. I am so glad to know that xx 😊

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