An open letter to her husband by a busy mum


Dear husband,

We have come a long way in our marriage and hope to spend my entire life with you and more.Every day we talk to each other at home then why am  I writing a letter ? It is to tell you the things we don’t really talk about . After we had our kids I became really busy with bringing them up and our household chores . I know you too have a lot of stress to handle because of your office but spare a thought for me too  of as I have a career too and  with a home to manage, have  double the jobs. At least you work from 8 to 6 whereas I am taken up 24*7 (well with our 7 month old who has just started crawling sometimes I have to stay up at odd hours).

Do you remember the girl that you married ? Sometimes I do too.I miss her easy laugh ,her clean and tidy looks,the undisturbed sleep that she used to have.Well now she is mostly in her pajamas, her hair usually uncombed and bare of any make-up.I hope you still like her as now she is too devoid of any time or enthusiasm to set herself up to look even closely acceptable.Sometimes when she is going out with you she is mostly making a crazy dash to fulfill all her mental goals which I assure you are never ending.Could you please spare some time for her by taking hold of that unruly kid, or maybe tying up your daughters hair or filling the water bottles.She might even forget to do a few things. In a hurry she might have forgotten taking the baby bag , could you please remember it for her. Could you also give her the time to put her make-up on so she could smile at herself in the mirror.

Their are days when she is just tired and bored of cooking in the kitchen ,could you once in a while tell her the magic words. ‘We are eating out today? ‘ I know you are unwinding on the couch after your challenging day but trust me it has been no easier for her.The baby with his teething has howled in pain demanding for her attention and given her a raving head-ache,could you just tell her to step aside for a coffee and take over some vegetable chopping for the soup tonight or maybe stir a spoon or so.Trust me ,you would be getting your meal a little sooner.And not to forget all of her respect and admiration.

The laundry keeps piling up. It does not matter who puts it into the washer . The objective is to have clean clothes to wear.Their are also days when the washed laundry is lying on the sofa and she is nowhere close to putting it in place.Please ignore it she  just found a book too interesting and hard to put down  . Believe me it is meant to be put into the closet , if not you can straight away wear it. For now let her have a good time, as for the laundry does it not add a pop of color to the room? Indeed it  makes for a great sight.

Now I  really have a good time when I am going out with you and the kids but sometimes would you please look after the kid for me and suggest me to go with my girl friends to have a cup of coffee. Trust me when you see me after that I would be happier , brighter and re-charged. Chances are I would be more cheerful and easy-going with you and the kids too . Sometimes I really miss my mother for want of that head massage.Could you remember to give me a head massage as well on days when I am really stressed out. Their could not be a better way that you could pamper me.

Well , not to forget how much I appreciate you when you praise me even for the food that I did not cook well or the compliment you paid me when I felt that I was the ugliest woman in the world and the love and support that you give to my kids each day of their life . Not to forget that you are their best play -mates .

 Finally I really want to thank you for days when I am at my wits end and loose my cool about a thing or two. If you scratch the surface you will know  that my anger is nowhere directed towards you but the work that keep piling up especially when I know you do not forget to do your bid in washing a few dishes or taking the trash out.

Their is so much that I want you to understand about me and so much that you already do . I could never in a million years ask for a better husband and thank God each day of my life for you.

Yours always,

Your loving wife

A Domestic Diva

wife letter 3



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  1. my valiant soul says:

    So realistic..story of ALMOST every housewife..!

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    1. nice to hear your views on this 🙂

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      1. my valiant soul says:

        My pleasure!:)

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  2. eddaz says:

    That’s a pretty awesome post and reality in the life of a wife with kids. Kudos to all women👍💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Much thanks Eddaz 🙂 xx… and Yeah kudos to all the women out there !

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  3. Very well said. Something all women deal with. We never really go on vacation or really get a day off. Because life goes on. Someone has to feed, dress them and find their missing whatever.

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    1. Absolutely..its the same story for all women, and as they say a mother can never really have a vacation..whats got to be done has to be done.

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  4. Great post. As a mom of 7, two biological and five adopted through foster care, there are many days I feel overwhelmed. Thankful for a husband who says those magic words about take out every now and then when he can tell I need a break.

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    1. Indeed it is delightful to have a husband who is supportive and simply understands you in a chaotic journey called life…And kudos to you on being such an amazing woman to be looking after 7 children ..I can only begin to understand how overwhelming it can get having only two kids of mine but I am also sure that you have a beautiful family going on there.. 🙂


  5. mariablake87 says:

    I love this….so accurate!

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    1. Glad to know 😊


  6. Communication in writing is very important. Many husbands don’t know what their wives are going through even as they talk because there are things that are hard to say but can be written. You’ve done well.

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    1. Thank you so much..

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