Teething Troubles

The Struggles of a Second time mommy

As a parent we all know that teething is a part of growing up for the baby. Each parent in the time of each baby has a considerably different experience as I can tell being a mother of two. With my first born their was not too much trouble that I can recall.We did have a few sleepless nights but apart from the over the counter medication their is little else that I remember doing. The ease which I experienced at the time of my daughter’s time was luxury compared to the difficulties that my poor soon is facing as of  now.  It is during his time that we as parents have had to take up  quiet some measures and  which also  gave us a lesson or two where teething is concerned.

Teething  starts at different times for different babies.Usually it is said to start from 4 months to even a year.As for my daughter it started from around 6 months and she popped her first tooth at about 8 months.My son’s teething run began at around 4 month and today when he is all of 7 months, he is yet to pop.However, how is it you know that it has begun?

  • fingering the gums
  • putting stuffs in the mouth
  • drooling
  • irritable behavior
  • frequent crying
  • avoiding food and often overfeeding on milk
  • slightly high temperatures
  • diarrhea in few cases

As for almost all these symptoms, it is best for parents to rely on their intuition to realize if they are actually due to teething or some other ailment.If problems are persistent consult your doctor.For instance when my son contracted high fever twice in a month ,I came to know from the doctor that it was not owing to teething but probably a bug he had picked up from the daycare that he started going to.It is always best to keep a thermometer handy and take down the readings.Remember:

  1. Usually fever due to teething will not rise above 38 degrees Celsius.
  2. As for diarrhea which I have not experienced but have learnt from the doctor that it could be due to the germs ingested while the infant is putting stuffs in his mouth.


Since my baby is usually agitated around the clock I need to think of ideas to keep him soothed.A few ways you can help your infant are as follows:

  • Get the teethers out.Their are many that you can purchase from your local super-market.Surprisingly their are various infant toys which too have attached teether-like parts which your baby can nibble at.
  • I usually sterilise the teethers and later put them in the fridge to cool down.Do not put them in the freezer as it can be harmful for their gums.
  • wet a cloth ,put them in a zip-loc bag and put in fridge.Give them when cooler it can soothe the gums.
  • their are certain over the counter medicines .To be on the safe side always follow method of instruction before applying.I have used both ointment and homeopathic tablets for my son and daughter respectively.
  • If child is too irritable ,you can provide painkillers like Panadol but only after consulting your doctor and in the right dosage.
  • Besides these you can provide food that is slightly cooler like applesauce and also cool tap-water after it has been boiled and cooled in the fridge

Not only for the baby but even for the parents, it can be quiet a trying time as it has been for me when I might have shed some tears as well with my baby.However we can be of great help in their painful time if we are well informed and prepared .As for the troubles , this too shall pass !


P.S. My baby popped his first tooth at the beginning of his 9 months. So all good !


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