She wrote to her 16 year old self

She wrote to herself, Dear Me

Now that I have the chance to tell you

Their are  things that I would like you to see

Understand things so many, know a few

I wish you to spend some time more

with those that brought you in this world

For mostly when you were bored

and down the stairs you hurled

to have a little fun and spend time with pals

their will come a time when to hear their sound

your ears will crave through thick and thin walls

This is my advice profound

You will miss their cheers and chiding

But you will have a family ,career of your own

You will be too busy with your own things

They may not be even in the same town.

You are young you love to eat

But what you feed your body now

Pulse, legumes fish or meat

Are you sure it will age you slow?

Not ingest meal to put you out of ease

For old age is prone to ailments and disease

Never compromise your beauty and  youth

Over any passing soul stray

A lad immature, uncouth

For only that special one is meant to stay!

Life now is so much  about

what you did and how to achieve

how much you tolled ,so well you fought

But you also need prayers to change God’s decree

Do not ever worry about what they thought

Live bravely for life is steep

Do good ,be fair even if you like it not

What you sow is what you shall reap.

Remember as you grow

Be true to your nature

Friends will come friends will go

What remains is your relation with your Creator!

Their is so much more that my heart

Wishes to with you share

But it indeed is the best part

When you learn to wait and see  you go where!

Note: Years later, in moments of joy and disappointment, a life full of experiences and new lessons everyday of this life, I sit down to ponder if the things which concerned me mattered anymore or not? The answer was No, not really. The various issues except for a very few were insignificant in my life years later. And it was a  drive in the car when this thought  occurred to me and I set out to write it down which happened to be this poem. I must say its quiet a soothing exercise, I would suggest you try it too. You never know what you might realize as truly important and your present struggles and disappointments might just evaporate !frph18


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  1. itsmesaraa says:

    I love it ! Wow !

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  2. eddaz says:

    That’s lovely

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  3. I am glad u liked it 😊


  4. ThatGirlYouNeverHeardAbout says:

    Beautiful! In the end it all goes back to you and your creator.

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  5. marshallpost says:

    Nice piece, really loved it

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂


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