One for hope

Everyday it would play

on her mind it would prey

Images of hate and murder

on her heart a boulder

The world was bleeding

everywhere fear was breeding

going to the airport filled her with dread

on streets she carefully tread

In the name of  religion,mindless killings

to hate them all she was willing

Her children to school would go

unrest in her heart would grow

for monsters lurked in shadows

bitter insane ,worlds greatest foes

ready to destroy and ravage

hearts black and savage

Making the world unstable

and innocent lives unpredictable

A light in her heart shone

to hate she was not prone

Her vile thoughts she chided

And then she decided

Hug her children tightly

take her life a little lightly

Thank God for all the blessings

more cheering less stressing!

And pass on to the world some love

a helping hand ,of kindness a treasure trove

And never stop giving

Till her life she was living

For it was easy to hate in the sadness

But would take some love to rise above the madness!

one for hope1.jpg

This poem was a published in an online magazine called Praxis Magazine. It was a part of the honorable collaboration called the Poets for Peace 2016.. This poem was published on page 10 in the book of 217 pages.

Click to access Poets-for-Peace-September-21.pdf

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  1. lucarnablog says:

    Sweet couple of birds!

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    1. Captured them on one of my visits to a park while they were strolling peacefully…

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