Where books Can take you…

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’-Dr.Seuss

There was so much to be done

In the journey of her life

Not some huge battle to be won

but with little things strive

Her responsibilities were like

the clouds in the sky

Always there on her side

To do and never question why

Her precious little children

could she never leave

they were worth in millions

but in her mind did she weave

Dreams of setting sail

to beautiful places unknown

you only heard of in exotic tales

with lush greens perfectly grown

with heavenly smelling flowers

of roaring peaceful seas

of quiet still unmanned towers

yellow black humming bees

conversations with honest strangers

filled with  new perspectives

being on a new adventure

savoring multiple lives!

Alas!Was it asking too much

Was there any way to live her dream

The books on the shelf did she touch

Read me!A book to her screamed

And while she turned the pages

the monotony in her mind got muted

She was free from shackles and cages

It had her enthralled and in place rooted

But in her mind she was travelling

to places new

she had now grown wings

saw beauty in all its hues

had fulfilling conversations

in the heart of exciting events

caught in a mix of situations

It gave to her feelings a vent

Was there no perfect escape

like reading a good book

Like living a dream while awake

Read one now ,it will get you by the hooks!




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