How to Pack when moving


Moving as we all know can be quiet a stressful business all the more so for the wife or mother. However being a little organized always helps and as we know knowledge is power.You can start planning a month ahead as it can be quiet a challenge especially if you have kids. Gradually you can keep working on it .


    1. First and foremost I would start from the kitchen. Needless to say it is also in use till the very last minute especially if you have children.Starting from the kitchen,firstly examine your larder. Inspect and make a list of all the stuffs you have along with their quantities. Evaluate how long it can last . Start a month ahead.  Make sure their is enough for a month at least. If their is less try and use up the stuffs which are already there, as a substitute. For example if you have less black beans use it up and if you need more you can as its substitute the black lentil which you were not touching since a long time. The aim should be to exaust as much food items you can in order to avoid hassles of packing too many opened food packets. You can always buy new stuffs once you have finished moving.mov11


  1. If you have opened powdered spice packets,you may first secure it tightly with a elastic band. Next remember to put them all in a zip pouch bag and close well. I have had many experiences of powder leaking no matter how well I secure them,here the zip pouch saves the day.                                                                       mov41.jpg
  2. If you have glass dinner wares,start wrapping them in bubble wrap and put them aside.Keep a few utensils which you use everyday in your front cupboard,rest away. You can also keep some styrofoam\paper plates and stuff for those last few days when you are in a daze of packing and cleaning.
  3. Next start gathering boxes.You can use cardboard boxes which you get from purchasing stuffs like diapers,children swings and the likes if you are moving within the same city. However when you are travelling international,keep in mind that their is a certain standard of packing that is accepted by the airport authorities.Also that goods moving via airports are often roughly handled which calls for sturdy boxes to bear the onslaught. When we were in the United States we purchased our boxes from ‘Home Depot’ which have boxes in various sizes. Mind you they have a box for a 42″ television which can work for a huge photo frame as well.Plan accordingly.
  4. Sometimes you have to set up these boxes yourself as I did.Use the strong cellotapes and do not hesitate to use extra as it is going to keep your box from falling apart.                                                                             mov6
  5. Mark your boxes into categories.It will later help you into dismantling and finding your stuffs later.                                                                                       mov19
  6. You can mark them as per each room.                    mov29
  7. If you are packing in your glassware,first give a layer of fabric like a couple of bed sheets at the bottom to provide a soft cushion.                          mov23
  8. Pack the heavy stuff at the bottom and lighter on top.This is to prevent breaking of your glassware under pressure.                               mov42.jpg
  9. Remember not to keep any loose spaces.Fill them with some fabric like towel or stuff.This prevents movement which can result in breaking of the glass wares..                                                            mov43
  10. While closing the box make sure the box is closing properly and nothing is peeping out.Next secure it well with cello tapes.mov31
  11. Ensure that each box is not more than 20 kgs as it ensures easier carrying unless it is an electronic good.                                                mov45
  12. Boxes with electronic goods or fragile items must have ‘Handle with care” mentioned in bold letters.                                                             mov3
  13. Avoid packing any liquids in cardboard boxes as any moving company will specify to you.Leakage of any liquid can cause a tearing of the boxes.  mov38
  14. Toiletries should be packed into zip pouch bags.Certain airport approved pouches are available in your supermarkets which are specifically designed for travelling. mov7.jpg
  15. Toys with small parts should be packed in suitable containers and pouches so that they can be easily found.
  16. When packing garments ,clearly write name of the individual on the respective boxes.                                                   mov39
  17. Pack most of the garments early on which you believe you may not need till you move.                                                                                           mov21
  18. Their is only a limit to how much clothes you can carry mainly if you are flying .Set aside those garments and try to dispose of them.Some people hold yard sales. mov37.jpg
  19. Another great way of doing that is giving them away for charity.Now when away I was in Houston I did away with my stuff at those charity bins outside the Walmart outlets.I am sure you can do the same.Also their are many second-hand goods store who accept donations as well.
  20. Start putting away your stuff on the ‘to sell’ internet sites,if you do not plan to take them, at least a month in advance except for the fridge ,microwave and bed of course as you would like to keep it as much till the end as possible mov2.jpg
  21. Although if you have an air bed it comes in really handy.You never know when you might need it.                                                   mov40
  22. Do not forget to appoint a moving company to move your stuffs. Their are many types of deals.Start looking up early on so that you may decide on the one that suits you.                                                mov18
  23. Remember to keep the things that you need for your immediate needs like a few clothes ,kid’s medicines,toiletries and toys (optional) in a separate easily accessible bag. You will need every bit of it especially if the stuffs take time to get delivered.                                                                                    mov30
  24. Pack your dirty laundry in a separate bag first before putting them in as well. mov40
  25. Make a list of all boxes before handing them over to the movers.               mov26
  26. Last but not the least do not forget to check all your packages once they have arrived especially the electronic goods like television. I have had a painful experience of my own regarding that.If timely check has been done and reported certain movers or airport authorities may provide you reasonable compensation in case of damage to any goods.mov17

Although moving is quiet a stressful task,what needs to be done has to be done and stressing upon it barely helps. So here is
hoping that you have a pleasant moving experience. 🙂


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  1. theaustraliansojourner says:

    Good tips t go by. 🙂

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    1. Much thanks for the feedback!

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    we are about to move and this has proved very useful 🙂

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  3. Well, this really made my day 😍 thank you for sharing and All the best in your moving 😊


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