I Dream of Disney

A dream destination

Bigger than imagination

A joyful revelry

Makes a heart so merry

To visit the magical

World of Disney

Dream of every boy and girl

To see and love Mickey and Minnie

Journey begins with Epcot

Absolutely a miss not

Visit eleven countries

Smell in the beautiful breeze

Eat pizza in Italy

Yummy leg of turkey

For that pic, next to Donald stand

Or go Germany,jam with the band

Fire your imagination

take off from the space station

Go soaring above and far

come back to test drive a car

Better than the best of Movie Video

Time to visit the Hollywood studio

Take a walk down hollywood boulevard

On the tower of terror scream very hard

Indiana Jones  causes a stir

Top it up with the Aerosmith roller coaster

Hear the bees hum

Follow the trail to the Animal Kingdom

full of energy and excitement it is rife

marvel the beauty of the tree of life

peek at the giraffe humble

take a ride through the wild jungle

full of glory lions roar

above your head a stray bird soars

savour the beauty of animals free

plenty to smell ,hear and see!

Escape the Yeti on Everest

For Nemo go on a quest

In the heart of nature wonderful

Every soul drawn by a pull

Alas it would be tragic

If one would’nt visit the kingdom of magic

Its a wonderful world of no return

brace yourself you’re on a dream run

Take a look at Winnie the pooh

At Belles know who’s who

On jumbos back go flying

with the dwarves go some mining

None wishes the evening  end

miss on not a corner nor a bend

When the moon and stars come out at night

Fireworks and music make a beautiful sight

Brilliant end to a awesome start

Everyone’s here a child at heart!


Foreword:In 2014 we visited The wonderful world of Disney at Florida USA with my daughter who was about 2 years old at that time.Indeed it was like a world no other that I had seen.A world which provided a temporary escape and thoroughly captured my imagination.It is one of those memories which no one can take away from you.I really wanted to include this in my blog as a beautiful everlasting memory!


Apart from this ,there is something else that I wanted to share on my blog.Visiting the magical World of Disney can be a dream come true for the most of us Tourists but until it is not well planned it might get a bit perplexing and a beautiful opportunity gone waste.Being a little smart always pays.Here as well especially considering that the theme park that we are talking about is mammoth in magnitude and diverse in options.HERE is a few of my suggestions.

  1. If you arrive 15 minutes prior to the opening of the venue you can catch up on the station Welcome show.
  2. Every parking area has a particular name and number.Remember to note it down.Searching for your car is otherwise almost like searching for a needle in a haystack.
  3. Carry light strollers as you will be constantly pushing,folding and putting it away at times especially when you are travelling to and fro from the parking to the park.
  4. No packed stuffs are allowed as anything and everything is subject to inspection.
  5. Avail of the fast pass.You can reserve them in advance online or do so at the fast pass kiosks available at the respective parks It takes a fraction of a time to get you on a particular ride as compared to the regular queues.
  6. The park does not sell chewing gums.Plan accordingly.
  7. Animal kingdom has a ban on plastic straws or balloons to protect its animals.
  8. While we were there it rained and we bought some drop down ponchos which are available at about 10$ each.You can always go equipped with some rain gears.
  9. Wear comfortable clothes and comfy shoes.You have miles to go.
  10. If you are planning to check out all four Disney parks like we did.Try slipping in a day for rest in between or it gets really exausting especially with kids.
  11. Remember to take a autograph book for the various character meet and greets.It will please your kids and also be a great souvenir.


Those are all I can think of for now .You can share your unique experiences at Disney with your family at the comment box below and keep having a great time  🙂 !






















7 Comments Add yours

  1. Janice Wald says:

    No experiences at Disney but I wrote about Disney in my motivation for blogging. Cool that as adults we have such fond associations with Disney.
    I’m Janice. You visited my blog last week. I was on a cruise ship paying for internet minutes or I would have come sooner. Thanks for liking my 71 tips post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True, even as adults we can have a great time at Disney and a lifetime of great memories .. ..Thanks for paying my blog a visit and I found the tips quiet useful 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing. My daughters and I live close to Disneyland so we’ve been going for years. We just did a park-hopper this week to enjoy the lights show. My youngest daughter was just saying (as we were looking for parking… what a feat!!!) that we are so fortunate that we live so close that we can visit anytime. Well, not at the price they set anymore. She says, “Mom, you know what I mean.” LOL
    Next year we plan to finally visit the one in Florida. I’m thinking next month actually. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    I appreciate the tips.
    #2 tip is very important. I learned the hard way years ago… haha
    As far as #4 tip goes. Are they really that strict? Here we can bring bottled water and a few snacks. Not a lot though coz of course they want us to spend money in their restos where food costs an arm and a leg. 😦

    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Hi Belle you have a beautiful name after my favorite Disney princess..lol..I can see you and your family are rather lucky to be living near Disneyland..Cheers..never been there although I am sure it can’t be bad! 😀
      As for no. 2 we too learnt the hard way so hard to forget that in a hurry..lol
      I am not sure if they are too strict about the food and stuff,however they do do rummage through stuffs and have been seen to trash food and stuff to my knowledge.
      And hey have a really great trip to Disney Florida , hope that you and your daughter have lots of fun there, next year xx 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi DV. Thanks!
        My real name is Maria. But most people call me Belle coz of my blog name.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hi Maria..nice to know your real name and its beautiful…actually both are..please have a great weekend as well 😀

          Liked by 1 person

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