The journey Down Under

Little Mary was ten

With nimble fingers

She cut the pictures

Wrote out  with colorful pen

Made a drawing of a kangaroo

On the cover blue

Oh how time flew

Filling the book with different hues

It was a project for her school

Doing research from here and there

Sitting on the library chair

Suddenly doing a task seemed so cool

Reading up on Melbourne

Sifting through Perth

Ayers,the rock of the Earth

Through beautiful city of Brisbane

It covered topics all

From agriculture

to food and culture

To transports and mall

She put all her sweat in it

Worked on it for days

Doing it in the best of ways

Made progress bit by bit

She almost did a tour

from one city to another

in warm or cold weather

even when she was away by country four

Two decades went past

happily married with children

earning digit ten

when she beckoned her out of the world  vast

Time to go down under

Almost like destiny had planned all along

nothing in that could go wrong

All she could do was wonder

A place to start life anew

new people ,cultures,various languages

a chance to live a good life better wages

Serene beaches ,beautiful views

Although everything was but nothing new

For she had already been here

even when she was not even near

destiny does strange things to a few!


Foreword:This poem is an ode to every person who is living away from a country where they were born.Be it for whatever reason -study,work ,marriage or whatever other reason that there could be.As I said in an earlier blog as well,the world is shrinking and people are no more confined to any territory but belong to the entire world as a whole and free to live wherever life takes them!





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  1. I live in Sydney under such circumstances so I can relate to this lovely poem.

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    1. I am glad to know that you can relate to it..Thanks for sharing your thoughts ! 🙂


  2. theaustraliansojourner says:

    Enjoyable read. Makes me home-sick for Australia ha ha.

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    1. Thank you Australian sure must come down 🙂

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      1. theaustraliansojourner says:


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  3. ThatGirlYouNeverHeardAbout says:

    Wow. Isn’t destiny just strange? You don’t know where it takes you.. but when it does it surely has some good motive in hand. Life is full of surprises!
    Lovely take on it. Good work.

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  4. It sure is..Thank you’ That girl’!😊

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  5. amommasview says:

    We moved to Australia from Switzerland (almost as far as it can get) a decade ago. No regrets. It’s a beautiful country and thank you for this ode 🙂

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    1. Wow I am so happy you shared that..We too have recently moved to Australia…and I so agree with you it is a beautiful ,amazing and kind country…God bless Australia and you too xx…Also I will share that the poem is all true 🙂

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