From Rags to Riches

Wish I had a car

So I could quit

Travelling by the bus

Everyday is a war

A battle of wits

More doubts less trust

I am a man

Of many dreams

Born to a poor father

Who drove a mini van

Selling ice-creams

Where children gather

As a kid

Hated being poor

I promised to go high

Of my poverty get rid

Open new doors

In riches sigh

Never a penny

Of my father I did waste

But studied with my heart and soul

To achieve success many

Pass all the tests

And many a trophy hold

Whenever life made me angry

I worked hard some more

Till I got some more ahead

Never again go hungry

I promised from my core

Till I dozed off to sleep in my bed

Tomorrow is my very first day

Of a new job

As a officer of government

No more living in the house of clay

with leaking roof of water drops

Time to move to new apartment

Rejoice and celebrate

Sometimes a greater good

comes from inherent anger

Make you achieve things great

This I understood

It often saves you from some danger!


The WordPress Daily Prompt for June 1, asks us to reflect on the word, “Angry.”

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