Wishing for my childhood


Distant memories

Of a circus beckons

Lights and music

Little dramatics

Colorful pandals

Little sandals

Crowds at the entrance

And within

Round stage with

Tiger and elephant cage

Sometimes tamed and

sometimes in a rage

Rolling on ground and

jumping through rings

Tight rope walkers

Pass me cheese and cracker

Me with my mother and father

Rolling with laughter as the clown trips

His trousers slips

Has a slight rip

And we all howl with glee

As the wind free

blowing through trees

Wish I could freeze

The moment with me

When I was a little girl

with no worries in the world!


The WordPress Daily Prompt for May 31 asks us to reflect on the word, “Circus.”


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  1. I love the vivid imagry of your poem, it gave a real feel for the happiness you had during your childhood with your parents. 🙂

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  2. thank you..saw this comment after quiet some time…but of course time spent with parents are simply happy memories now 🙂


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