Confessions of a Shopaholic and a Coffeeholic

‘I like my money where I can see it – hanging in my closet.’ Carrie Bradshaw

…..Also my debt where I can see it…is more likely of Ms.Rebecca Bloomwood ,who lives on Burney Road and is perhaps one of the most vain characters that I ever chanced upon.On coming upon this book I reluctantly picked it up not knowing what to expect.I have’nt delved too much into the realm of chick-lit but this time I was in the mood for some light reading after some heavy bouts of ‘stephen king’ and some drama literature.Always the one ready to experiment ,I was initially annoyed beyond comprehension over the  absolute shallowness of the dim-witted and plain stupid protagonist of the story.This book attempts to evoke humor out of the sheer silly day to day decisions of expenditure and the ever increasing greed for more materials even at the cost of being debt ridden per day by a young girl Rebecca who works as a financial journalist for Successful Saving monthly journal.

She always manages to find a reason to spend.By her own admission it seems she is more of masquerading as clever in her work.

She itemizes every item of her clothing down to her inner wear and is senile enough to feel ...

“…I almost wish that I could be run over so that the world would see them.”

Makes you realise that she is the dumbest prototype of the shopping woman.In her mind she somehow always manages to justify anything and everything that she wants to buy.Ever.And simply keeps pushing the limits of spending ,always justifying her shameless squandering.Overtly optimistic about recovering her money to the extent of living in a make believe world.Trust me if you have any connections with the planet that you live in you will be shaking your head through most part of the book and only wondering how anyone can be this stupid.She totally lives in and breathes in the smell of clothes shoes bags cosmetics and the kind.Looks like her mother too has a spending problem.Not that surprising,after all!But this one takes the cake over flamboyance.Even if she does not fancy something she will find it as the greatest catch if only she is told that it was featured in ‘Elle Decoration’,some home decor mag.

Always the one to find a reason to spend ,even if it means finding the solution to her compulsive spending, is to spend some more to purchase a self help book.Not to say how she plays around with it to suit herself and shop some more.

“As I walk into Smith’s I feel my whole body expand into relief.There’s a thrill about walking into a shop-any shop-which you can’t beat .It’s partly the anticipation…”

What is there to love about her?She even looks down upon the poor dressers like she does upon the cousins of Sue namely Fenella and Tarquin.For her it is enough to make a mockery out of them.Add to it some serious ability to manipulate and blatantly lie if only it somehow manages her to get her a coveted piece of clothing.

Right through the middle of the book you realise you simply cannot sympathise with Rebecca and even wish that she faces harsh repercussions,to the most you can simply pity her but that’s about it.She is not someone from whom you must learn something rather learn who you should not be.She is even repulsive in places and even unprofessional;a compulsive shopper bordering on insanity.Turns out she does not hesitate to literally flee if it comes to facing some really awkward situation which she manages to do with all her lying and faking as she did when expected to give her interview in Finnish .

Now while I am reading her saying,”I dont care if I get fat.I just need sugar and caffeine and chocolate,and as much as possible”.Perhaps I finally see something I have in common with her.Its my cup of coffee.Makes me put the book down to grab one just like that 😉 🙂

Coffee is my fuel of life.I am so addicted.For starters

1.I really find it hard to like or understand  someone if they show a lack of interst in it.Or come in my way of it like asking me for tea instead(dont get me wrong I like the stuff).

2.As soon as I have it in my hand I simply wish it goes on and on….never leave me..

3.When I am sipping it I am lost in a haze of smell and taste…its like my cocaine..

4.Its my punctuation to every meal (I know it sound so unhealtthy)..

5.It makes me feel instant happiness..must grab it wherever I go!

6.If I miss it I have this roaring headache n everything…no point in it.:(

7.Its my favourite dessert..I just add in some generous dose of chocolates match made in heaven!

8.I am seriously contempplating purchasing a coffee grinder and coffee would be a gift to myself:)

9.I am so open to trying all kinds of coffee brand in the market,I have to know about every one of them;not to mention visit about every coffee shop in the city .

10.I just want it..simple…why mention a reason for it 😉

Anyways now let me get back to the book.Now our Miss Bloomwood is so mired in debt that she is willing to hookup with any rich fellow that comes her way .Be it Mr.Tarquin who she doesnt even fancy.Perhaps the only saving grace in her character when she refuses a cheque she could very easily have grabbed considering the mess that she was in.Perhaps the place so far where one may have some positive thoughts about her.But then again she is back to her lying and decieving even if it is sharing her issues with her parents.Not a honest bone.

Now perhaps towards the end of the book ‘something’ happens which gives us a deeper perspective into her shopping problem.Perhaps it is to do with her feeling of unfulfillment with her life choices.Maybe she was like the proverbial round peg in the square hole and thereby trying to find solace and personal satisfaction in material pleasures of life.I am not going to spoil this for you if you haven’t read it yet.

Meanwhile we see her coming of age towards the end..hopefully.While reading the book we do get an insight into the addicted shopper’s mind..somewhat although this is the really extreme kind.Sophie Kinsella’s style of writing is so easy and breezy..I read this in about 3 days.It is actually quiet enjoyable if you are not expecting some kind of serious lessons in life or poetic justice. Humorous in places although not sure one will get it.But anyways good for some light reading!

Now I really want to talk about this…Well having tasted coffee in about so many countries.I really have to express my utter disappointment at the American coffee. Initially in my stay over there I was like so thoroughly disappointed at the watery stuff that is available there.The more bitter the better it seems..And I really don’t understand that one would be so obsessed with convenience products that you would not even add some real whole milk and cream but I remember getting the tiny packaging of half n halfs. No matter how many you would add it would be same watery and poor.Lets not  forget the various bizarre flavored coffees available round the year.Pumpkin ,raspberry,coconut and what not.Not my cup of coffee !

Now coming to India, the coffee shops here  is so like a sinful dessert if you pick the right ones!I mean coffee milk ice cream cream even choco chips or whole coffee grains get it all just makes it all so delicious!Coming to Australia I was pleasantly surprised and elated.YES it is all so rich and creamy and beautiful to look at!It is completely after my heart and I so heart it.Bliss.:) 🙂


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  1. thatgirlyouneverheardabout says:

    A very pleasant read. This book looks like a must try for me..will have a go whenever I am free.
    Domestic Diva, keep up the good work 👍 That was fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You for the feedback and I am glad you liked my review 😊.


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