What were you born to do?

“Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart. “


Waking up to the cries of my newborn right at the crack of dawn just when I am settled into a deep sleep,getting up to change nappy, feed , finally  I have managed to somehow put the baby 👶 at ease and try to catch up on some of my precious sleep.Just when I am about to doze off,Off goes the alarm annnd its time for me to pack my daughter  off to school.I make some mental notes on how to go about my work in readying her for school 🏫 as it usually is a dash till the very last minute every single time.Somehow. I am furiously scampering around the kitchen rustling up a batter for pancakes ,now packing it in foil while it is still warm and pushing it into her tiffin,followed by her additional snacks and water.Time to wake the princess who always manages to drag around everything that she does.Be it her brushing ,bathing or even her breakfast.Its me who is all flustered when I manage to somehow drop her off to her class.Signing 8.35 into the attendance book of a school which  has allotted 8.30 as its school time is so my style.God bless her teacher for her kindness.

Back home now looking after 4 month old-bathing ,massaging ,feeding and endless rounds of walks in the house to calm the crying.Finally little gives up on his bid to agitate me and falls into deep slumber.Blessing.Now furiously washing the hordes of dishes which just keep piling up in the sink like flowers  bloom on trees in the month of spring.Mechanically starting to cut,chop and cook.Followed by endless bouts of cleaning scrubbing and dusting.The work never ceases.Before you know it its 4.00 pm and try to pick my daughter from school.Again fixing milkshake and in a couple of hours time for dinner after which i somehow manage to chase and corner her into the bedroom and put her and little one to sleep.Feels Heavenly now.Silence in the house.Make myself a coffee 🍵 pick up that awesome book and finally time to  put my feet up.Life is not so bad after all.’Whiiiiine’ ,a sound wafts towards me from the kids bedroom.Throw the book 📚 ,chuck the coffee 🍵 and I am off,never mind that late night party i was not entitled to.Time to snuggle with the baby 👶.Until next morning.That is a day in my life unless there isn’t something more that I am meant to do.

Always wondered a thought ,what are those career managing ladies 👩 made of?How do they manage to balance a family and a steady career.All at the same time.Although as I was growing up,my dreams kept growing with me.Lawyer,journalist ,psychiatrist or even a humble web designer.i had seen myself in all its glorious avatar.

Marriage preceded studies followed by kids and the rest is history or rather you are history.Now dh is also someone with a penchant for globe trotting.Add to that, he is probably the messiest person that you can ever have the privilege of knowing..Leave him alone in the closet for an hour and its almost as if its a site of a wrecking whirlwind.Stuff  strewn around everywhere without a sensible sequence.Now somewhere its beginning to  dawn upon me that maybe all this while,this is the purpose God made me for.For supporting an awkwardly messy person in fighting his daily battles in life or setting in order his nest and haven…our nest and haven.Is it not what the world has been since the time of its inception?

Now staying at home is all the more appropriate if you have a couple of kids.If you are the old fashioned one there is no way you are missing out on their smiles 😊,laughter 😃 or tears 😓.Anything remotely like a career, away from home.Where is that going to fit in?Might as well consider that when I am a bit more multi-tasking!

As of now I am just a cat 🐱,too  richly cosy in the warmth of my home to even vaguely consider giving up all the luxuries of staying at my home.I guess at least till my kids are capable of taking care of themselves.But somewhere I know I am never going to accept that of my kids. If home making was a career I was made for it.I am that convinced.Let’s leave it at that.Different people different choices.Nonetheless.Rejoice.

Let me end this with a nice anecdote.A mummy asked her 4 year old girl.

‘So darling what is it that you plan to become?Would it not be lovely if you became a doctor?.’

 “No ,thats not what I would want to become!”.

‘Then what is it that you would like to become?,asked her mother.

“Rabbit 🐰”,came the prompt reply.

Now the mother in the story was me and the girl but of course my daughter.So its all perfect.No worries at all.



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  1. ThatGirlYouNeverHeardAbout says:

    World would be an ideal place if a woman is doing whatever she wants to do without being judged or stereotyped. Be it a working woman or a home maker like you!
    Wonderful read 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m a home maker but I just got a part time job to add to my weekly schedule lol. We’ll see how this goes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am happy you could share that..well that would be something I could add too..part time job is what keeps my hands too full these days ☺


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