A New Beginning

One of the perks of the new world,their is so much you can do ,all on the internet.Yes there is an app for everything that you have been doing out there.Eating at a new place,reading that 📚 ,attending that happening party…..you can tell the world and share  those photos.Yes the world has entered that phase of extreme exibitionism or voyeurism(for others)…if you have the urge to make the world know their is a way out their to do it.If you are someone time travelling from maybe 1950’s ,yeah the world is a new place where we  don’t talk to our neighbours maybe but instantly connect and bond with that old school friend who lives across the continent over the last movie that we saw or the last book that we read.

People don’t necessarily meet over coffee 🍵 to discuss issues and things but do it sitting in a chair 💺 in the comfort of their homes simply staring at their screens.Yes life has got that simple …(or maybe that complicated).Never mind on my very first blog I do not really have the time nor inclinations to dissect the anatomy of the 21st century.Their is so much I want to say that I would just go on rambling things out of context or sequence.Looks like I am too thrilled right now having started my very own blog,a place where i can weave beautiful sequence of words about a life usually routine and making little sense ,well usually.

Now I must not forget to introduce my self.Now if I tell you my name what would you understand…maybe you will go check my facebook account and think you know or understand me slightly  but you would only think that you know me,the tip of the iceberg you would never know my ‘soul’ or why I am who I am or the struggles in my life or head and the changes that come upon me every single day of my life.Their I go again with my ramblings but I really needed to say this.

Now I am a stay at home 🏠 mother now blessed with two lovely kids living very far from her homeland in another country belonging to the developed world.Another of those things about the modern world which is so common nowadays.People moving from their shores to find greener pastures.And I certainly come from the country  which perhaps today has a huge diaspora across the world.India,lots of them migrating to relish the pleasures and comfort of the clean and beautiful developed world  leaving behind the love and warmth of parents ,friends and relatives.Not that it ever was my decision.But as you know sometimes life happens.

Now no matter how much I enjoy my blogging i have certain little responsibilities ,yup those kids that I mentioned that need some looking after.So I guess my byes are always going to be this abrupt until I organise myself .so Ciao for now until next time.




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  1. Yes, it’s a different world today. I wish you the best on your journey in the new world.

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    1. Thank you so much and I would wish you the same as well,please carry on the good work!

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